6 Month Legal Internship

When is this internship?: Our summer internship program usually includes one or two students and is open to students who are completing their 1L or 2L years. We also consider students in their 2L or 3L years for internship positions in the school year. Work should always be paid. Nevertheless, paid internships in the field of human rights are difficult to find. On this page, we have compiled a list of paid human rights internships in organizations and employers around the world. When you have finished reading on this page, you can also explore our pages on scholarships, scholarships, courses, master`s degrees and jobs in human rights matters. The Heinrich Böll Foundation offers internships to students who are enrolled in a bachelor`s or master`s program or who have recently graduated. Internships are full-time positions that last from 3 to 6 months. Students perform administrative tasks for the human rights organization and complete an orientation document and write editorials as part of the experiment. Amnesty International was founded in London in 1961 and is one of the largest non-governmental organisations in the world. With nearly 7 million supporters, the organization is involved in a variety of human rights issues. Today, Amnesty International`s International Secretariat occasionally offers paid internships in London. Child Rights Connect is a member of the “We pay our interns” initiative.

The organization offers 6-month internships at its secretariat in Geneva, starting each year in January and July. University students and recent graduates interested in advocating for children`s rights at the international level are encouraged to apply. HUMAN RIGHTS AND SPECIAL PROSECUTIONS SECTION (HRSP) UNITED STATES Department of Justice, Criminal Division 1301 New York Avenue, N.W. 2nd Floor Washington, D.C. 20530Additional information: HRSP Volunteer Law Intern WebsiteNote: For legal internships, please email a cover letter (including available dates), curriculum vitae, sample (no more than 10 pages), a transcript (official or unofficial) and three references to HRSPInterns@usdoj.gov. For more information, please contact: The department of Occupational Safety and Health`s primary contacts are Ashley Briefel (202-693-5451), Brian Broecker (202-693-5484) and Anne Godoy (202-693-5452). They can be contacted by e-mail at OSHinternship@dol.gov. MADRE is a non-profit organization that fights for human rights, women`s rights, LGBTIQA rights, reproductive rights and health rights for all.

To support their work, the organization offers internships as needed. Each internship differs in tasks, requirements, duration and qualifications which are determined on a case-by-case basis. Each year, more than 2,500 volunteer articling students serve in the justice and U.S. fields. Law firms across the country. Approximately 1,000 articling students volunteer during the academic year and approximately 1,500 during the summer. Individuals currently enrolled in a Master`s programme or who have obtained a Master`s degree in International Relations, Gender Studies, International Law or Human Rights are encouraged to apply for a Geneva-based internship. Internships start in April and end in October. Interns can expect to gain valuable knowledge and experience in human rights work around the world, with a focus on peace efforts. Tasks can include social media management, blogging, and website management.

Administrative support will represent 30% of the internship. When to apply: Rolling base. For summer internships, all offers are usually extended until mid-February, although all offers are generally accepted earlier. Interns in the Department of Occupational Safety and Health gain practical research and writing skills that prepare them for legal practice after graduating from law school. Supervising lawyers regularly provide articling students with constructive feedback on their written work product to achieve this goal. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Department strives to provide an intern with experience in day-to-day legal practice, including interaction with clients and time management skills. In addition, interns from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health will also leave their experience with an appreciation of how a federal agency operates, which will give them an important perspective in deciding whether or not to pursue a career in the federal public service. The U.S.

Department of Justice is an equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation employer. The ministry`s policy is to obtain drug-free employment, and selected candidates must pass a drug test to look for illegal drug use. Internship opportunities also depend on the satisfactory completion of a background investigation assessed by the Ministry of Justice. The American Red Cross offers paid internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students during the summer. Internships provide people with valuable hands-on experience in working with Red Cross volunteers and staff at the local and national levels. Paid internships last 10 weeks and consist of a 40-hour week. More information on the conditions of employment of articling students is available on the Terms and Conditions of Employment website. The Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and The Law (SRHRL) Program focuses on legal, ethical and human rights issues related to the application and implementation of science and technology. Undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and law students from all fields of technology and science are encouraged to apply. In addition to a keen interest in science and technology, candidates must have excellent communication skills, a passion for ethics, human rights and the legal system.

Our lawyers assist MSHA in the development of rules, provide legal advice in various situations, and conduct legal and appeal proceedings nationwide. Interns work with lawyers on projects in all these areas. Projects may include: To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and essay sample that demonstrate clear writing skills and analytical or legal skills (no more than 10 pages and the applicant`s own work) to the following address: The Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice invites you to apply for voluntary legal internships in the listed sections of the Criminal Division below. Volunteer articling students from the Criminal Division assist the Ministry`s lawyers with a variety of case-related work, including: conducting fact-finding research; digesting content and transcribing witness statements or court statements; Compile, index, duplicate and sort documents; Preparation and organization of diagrams and other documents to be used as evidence in litigation; the collection, verification and analysis of information, including statistical and financial data, relevant to criminal matters; Process documents, including legal acts, applications and other correspondence, and perform a variety of other tasks that may be assigned. Interns may also have the opportunity to attend hearings, hearings and oral arguments on appeal issues. Articling students can also assist ministry lawyers in drafting legislative proposals and amendments to federal regulations and sentencing guidelines. Interns have the opportunity to visit DC throughout the summer. Excursions to destinations such as the National Archives, the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of Washington, the Library of Congress and the Pentagon. Alkarama offers full-time paid internships in its legal department in Geneva, Switzerland. The work is diverse and does not extend exclusively to research, interviewing victims and recording testimonies, preparing complaints to be submitted to United Nations human rights protection mechanisms, participating in and taking notes at United Nations conferences, including the Human Rights Council, universal periodic review and treaty body meetings, synthesis of information on individual cases of human rights violations and preparation of reports. Students have the opportunity to conduct legal research, write legislative briefs, participate in policy discussions, and assist in the preparation of applications, requests for investigation, pleadings, and regulatory directives.

We strive to ensure that students have at least one assignment that results in a sample of writing to use in their job search. Objective The Permanent Bureau of HcCH is looking for articling students to support HCCH employees in the performance of their duties and in their daily work. It is also an opportunity for students who wish to gain practical pedagogical work experience as part of their studies or doctoral thesis, deepen their knowledge of private international law and understand how the HCCH works. Health Insurance: World Bank legal interns are responsible for their own health insurance and all costs arising from accidents and/or illnesses incurred during the probationary period and must provide proof of valid global health insurance coverage. Applications for summer internships are possible every year in November. Flexible schedules are offered to respect schedules. The program does not reimburse relocation or housing costs. During the initial hiring phase, candidates will receive a telephone interview with the ministry sponsor. Selected candidates will be invited to a second interview from a small pool of finalists. For summer internships, please contact Alex Kondo, Kondo.Alexander.M@dol.gov, 646-264-3652. For spring and fall internships, please contact Carina De La Paz, DeLaPaz.Barbara.C@dol.gov, 646-264-3654 or Amanda Wilmsen, Wilmsen.Amanda.M@dol.gov, 646-264-3691. Below you will find more information about specific internship opportunities and how to apply.